405 indicator problems.
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    Default 405 indicator problems.

    my freind has a series 1 1989 405 sedan.
    he has a problem with the indicators ,i posted this problem a little while ago and most answers semmed to be to replace the indicator stalk.
    we replaced the stalk and it seems to have the same problem which is-it works for about 3 or 4 clicks on/off and then stops working altogether .
    we then replaced the flasher can but it still has the same problem.
    my next asumption would be to replace the relay but we dont have a haynes or handbook for the car so-
    can anyone tell me where the relay is for the indicators and/or suggest alternate soloutions for where to look next.
    we jiggled all the components on the fuse box wiring board and even pushed some down home properly but to no avail,its still schvitzing. au vaye!-BAZZ


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    Default .

    Bazz i'm fairly sure the relay is on the main flip down fuse panel, not 100% though. Turn the indicator on and off taking out the various relays until hopefully it doesn't work and then you've found the relay. good luck.
    1984 505 STI

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