Performance Upgrade for 407
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    Default Performance Upgrade for 407


    I'm had my 407 for a few months now (live in Australia) and I want to do a few performance mods to it.

    Just wondering if anyone else has done anything to theirs with positive reults?
    i.e. Hi-flow Catalytic converter and better exhaust setup.


    Also, does anyone know how much the peugeot is 'tuned down' to allow for emissions, bad fuel, bad maintenance , etc.
    As my previous car, Volvo S40SE was tuned down 20% !
    And does anyone know where I can get the software to tune it up?

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    Pardon my asking, but don't you want to maintain your warranty? I'm all for this sort of thing, however modifying a brand new Pug worth the best part of $50000 seems a little risky. I know that I'll hear back about this comment, but you're quite likely to need that warranty considering Peugeot's reliability record of late; 2nd last and last in a British trial of 100 vehicles and countless horror stories from recent buyers returning to the dealer again and again to repair faults...
    Now that I've got that off my chest, onto your question. If you want to get more power out of it, improve it's breathing using the tried and tested mods discussed in various threads on this forum. As for software upgrades, I think that you would probably have better luck swapping the factory ECU for a reconfigurable aftermarket one. I know absolutely nothing about Pugs 'post 505' so I don't remember whether the latest models use a remappable/ reconfigurable ECU. Even if they did, you would have considerable difficulty finding someone in Oz who could actually do it. An aftermarket system can be programmed by hundreds of different workshops, and depending on how conservative the factory tune was, would give you noticable gains.
    Best of luck.

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