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Thread: Talking 205's

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    G'day all,

    This is my first visit to this part of the forum and it looks like a great place. Found myself reading frantically trying to catch on, to be honest I'm really not a mechanical wiz so I'll have to stay tuned!

    Any way, talking 205's, I'm a big fan of the 205 GTi and at some stage would love to own one. I'm two months away from purchasing a 206 GTi 180, so a 205 GTi would be afew years later. Can anyone advice me as to how much it would cost me to buy a clean 205 GTi, possible a '92 model, convert to a Mi16 motor, and spend afew extra dimes on service and cleaning till she's sparkling inside and out? Under $10,000?


    I feel so lost in this part of the forum as I'm soooo UN mechanical.....! at the moment

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    Peter T built one for a guy in Perth for a bit more than that but I'd imagine it was a pretty nice little piece of kit. It's for sale now.
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