205 gti under-dash wiring query - Few pics
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    Icon4 205 gti under-dash wiring query - Few pics

    Ok, under my dash is a jungle of botchy wiring, mostly due to the installation of a crappy security system some time ago. I just unhooked the last of said system recently, but there are some things i'd like to understand.

    Firstly, where does this green wire plug in? I found it just hanging in space, and it must serve a purpose. I might have dislodged it from previous expeditions into my dashboard...

    Second thing, what is this box for? It's a relay, right? It kinda fell onto my feet when i was driving one day and i crammed it back into the wire "canopy" as a temporary securing measure. It has an earth wire on it that has an O-ring style thingy halfway up it. I assume that is meant to connect to an earthing point somewhere, but it isn't.

    Here are some more pics of the mess. I have to get hacking into it at some stage soon. I removed a LOT of black duct tape that was wrapping them all together just in case there were some breaks in there.


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    If it's a green wire (#75) it's for the choke, which you don't have have. It lights up the choke light in the cluster. I use it for the K light when doing 16V conversions on S1/S2 cars.

    The black box is some after market gizzmo.

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