I bought a 205 with a part finished s16 conversion, the car was originally run on throttle bodies so the wiring was completely and utterly botched. No one in the uk seems to know jack about these cars so i was wondering if you guys might lend a hand. Firstly, does my car have a pressure sensor, my car has only 2 senders on the front of the block a large mushroom shaped one (the warning light sender) another just next to the oil breather that runs to the head. And the oil temperature sender attached directly to the sump.


My second problem is finding the coolant temperature sender (for the gauges). I've got the plug just can't find where it goes. I presume the green sensor under the thermostat housing is the ecu temperature sensor (being green, both plug and socket). There are a couple of spade connectors i'm not sure about and a random blue plug just floating around without a home. I even know where all the wires go on the loom, just not on the engine.

If anyone is willing to either take a photo of the thermostat outlining where the gauge temperature sensor is i'd be greatful. Along with where i should be looking for the pressure sender (though i think european cars didn't get one of these). Any information greatfully received, since every time i search for info on these cars this forum comes up, i thought i'd ask here properly.