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    Default Coil Over help

    Hi Guys,

    Just bought a set of coil overs for my track 205 and it does not seem right.

    It looks like the coil pan sits flush with the eliptical top mount. Can this be right?


    Also the brass bush that came with the top mount is way too small for the shaft of the shock. The shaft though does fit nicely into the rose joint.


    Was about to install them tonight. Will wait for your expertise.

    Sydney, Australia
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    it does indeed look like there is apart missing.
    the camber plate should have a bearing in the middle. that bearing (or its flange) must rest on the coil top plate.
    I am assuming that is the brass bush you are describing that should be fitted between the camber plate and the coil top plate. Does it fit nicely on the underside of the camber plate bearing (or more precisely partially inside it)?

    The reason it may a tad small is the camber plate's universal fit for different types of struts.
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    Often these types of struts are fitted with a large greased nylon (Delron) washer between the spring top and the strut top. In factory set ups there would be a bearing in this area. With nothing for the spring top to slide on as it turns, the steering will be heavy and creak when used.
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    I don't see enough detail in the pics to work it out... they're not big enough and there aren't enough of them.

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