Rust Preventative Paint
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    Default Rust Preventative Paint

    Hi all,

    Anybody tried these products ???


    Product is called POR 15 for dealing with rust and rust prevention.

    Peter J.

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    Yes, I have used it and it is excellent, but fairly expensive stuff.
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    Icon4 beware the fumes

    Por 15 is great stuff but be carefull even tho its only single pak the fumes and or over spray are dangerous fresh air respirator is the only way if you don't want experience your first or last asthma attack.

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    I discovered por 15 and associated products about 4 years ago, and have not used any other products for rust repairs since,as I dont think anything else comes close.
    I often keep a stick of their kneedable two-pack putty in the car or boat, Have used it to permanantly repair holes in the boat, re-attatch the overflow pipe to the radiator,plug holes in muffler,etc etc.
    I've used heaps of por15 paint.It has a beautiful ceramic glaze type finish which unfortunatly is UV sensetive,and goes a funny green colour in the sun. Being self leveling, it is probably safer to apply with a brush and avoid some resperatry failure.Believe the instructions when they say dont let the stuff set without topcoating it.Nothing that I know of will stick to it once it has cured.
    I've painted steel parts of my outboard motor years ago and rust has not started to penetrate yet despite the boat being on or near the salt water.As an experiment in toughness,I painted the alloy prop of a 30Hp outboard, and most of it lasted about a year,with daily use, until I powered the thing through a sand bar for about 100 meters. Even then only the tips of the prop had been sanded back to aluminium,with no flaking or cracking of the remaining paint.
    Their 'marine clean' is one of the strongest cleaners I know of.Not cheap, but last for years as you dillute it so much. I once put a too stiff mixture on the roof of my old white R12, and the paint turned lime green for an hour or so.The roof was amazingly clean and white after it settled down,probably because half the paint was now on the driveway!!!( which also ended up very clean)
    I use regular carwash now.
    Jo (Not on PPC payroll)

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    A local AF colleague has purchased and used their POR 15 product, and is very impressed.

    I have also acquired their catalogue / brochure, and the range/application of their products is amazing, to say the least.


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