504 fuel return for ZEJ/ZDJ conversion
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    Default 504 fuel return for ZEJ/ZDJ conversion

    Having been 'naughty' and picked up two 505's in the last couple of months, an 82 STi (2.0l) 5 speed and an '85 GTi Auto (2.2l, 15" alloys sold already sorry!), total NZ$350, the possibilities of repowering my '71 504 are too tempting. Despite the bad press of the K-jet 2.0 ZEJK, it runs well and is very consistent. The 2.2 ZDJL is a bit smokey at idle and when cold (likely valve guides?) but otherwise great. Incidentally, there have been comments about the ZEJ having longer intake manifold branches and having better low down torque : looking at them side by side they look identical except for injector mountings etc ?!?


    Looks like I might have a go putting the 2l and ba7/5 in the 504, initially with k-jet but then putting the 2.2 efi hardware on using megasquirt.

    My question is : on a 504, is anyone familiar with adding a return line from the pressure regulator ? Did the 504Ti have one? Is it just a different fuel gauge sender cover with an extra pipe?

    I'm in progress removing the GTi engine: well, yes, Dave M is right, the starter is less accessible on the Z motors but woohoo - the exhaust manifold/downpipe is EASY!!! Aircon compressor and extra bulkhead stuff really gets in the way on the GTi, much better on the earlier k-jet STi...or unsuspecting 504...


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    easy done

    TI's already have a return line

    if your car isn't a TI and it needs on then run a line under the car and up into the filler hose and poke a hole in it

    use a grommet ot put in the hole and feed the hose through it or use some sort of fuel resistant sealant

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    Finding a TI would make it easier, of course, as you can use both the line and the tank with two inlets.

    The wagons had a screw-in fitting in the filler neck (originally for the purpose of venting the tank while filling) that can be used to fit a return line, or you can possibly put a tee-piece in the line between the tank and the first pump.

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