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Thread: ihi ej20 205gti

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    Default ihi ej20 205gti

    just got a ej20 turbo off a liberty for the pugjet

    its a bit undersized for the 2L it comes off

    what rpm do you think the 1.9 should spool up around, using 1 1/4 inch for the manifold ?

    should i use the tried and tested malpassi rising rate, or one of those new jaycar fuel computers to dump in the extra juice?


    is it better to suck through the afm to reduce stalling, or blow through it?

    many questions
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    The older mitsubishi turbo's fitted to subaru's tend to be a bit bigger that new ones- they were made smaller and smaller to help low end torque. On a 1.9, expect boost at around 2,500 or maybe closer to 3.
    As for fueling, do yourself a favour and go for an aftermarket system. Seriously, I know what your thinking - those things are expensive, I picked up a fuel and ignition computer for $350 including the loom. If you're handy you could hook it up and get it dynoed for approx $800. Beats the hell out of "band-aid ing" the engine with RRFPR's.
    You'll also get rid of the AFM (btw- draw through is the way to go)

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