505 SLi radiator temperature switch
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    Default 505 SLi radiator temperature switch

    I have just pulled the radiator out of my 1986 505 SLi wagon to have it repaired. Before I put it back in I want to make sure all goes well with the temperature switch (mounted down on RHS of radiator, above bottom hose). The switch has three connectors (one horizontal, two vertical, say).

    With the ignition ON, I have 12V on the horizontal connector. CHECK. Bridging the 12V to one of the vertical connectors closes the fan clutch. CHECK. Bridging the 12V to the other vertical connector closes the clutch on the A/C compressor - is this the expected result?

    Can someone please enlighten me as to correct operation of this temperature switch setup?


    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Sounds like the wire to the clutch on the A/C is actually intended to close the clutch on the fan...

    So when the A/C is turned on, it turns the fan on. Check if it's live at that end if you turn on the ignition and then the A/C.

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