405 wheel alignment
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    Default 405 wheel alignment

    I had a wheel alignment done on my 95 405 today. The left front tyre had ware on the inside of the tread. When I drove the car after the job was done it was all over the road when I would accelerate it would float to one side scarey stuff . I returned to the shop and the mechanic said that he set the alignment to the correct settings and even checked it on another machine. Its obvious the car has problems with the front end somewhere but he did not have the time to find what was going on. He set the alliginment back to where it was and on the test drive it drove well except for a slight pull to the left. I will have a mechanic investigate whats going on with the front end it has a knocking sound when I apply the brakes which maybe ball joint probs but everthing else seems in place.
    If anyone has an idea on whats going on here I would be very thankful.
    Happy New Year to all and keep on driving these cool French machines.
    Cheeres LuLU


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    I don't suppose he happened to mention what the settings were that he had set the car to?
    My guess, based on the fact it went bck to somewhere near correct when he reset it could mean he set it to what HE considered to be correct. I can't speak for a Pug but on a comparable model Citroen, the setting is "Toe out" and NOT "Toe in" which is the norm; setting like that can cause them to go absolutely ape and I have even had to argue with some of them that a mistake hasn't been made in their data book that is in fact if they even referred to it or that they've seen the figures and just assumed it to be toe in.
    Another thing that can cause the pulling to one side and torque steering is when the swing arm bearings go yaya on these cars. This gives the symptoms of the steering wheel not wanting to point straight ahead and the torque steering (pulling to one side under power) to become evident.
    I see you are at Yamba; ever thought of having a trip to see the Pug dealer in Lismore? He's been there for donlkey's years and comes with a good reputation for honesty.

    Alan S
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