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Thread: A/C NOT running

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    Default A/C NOT running

    206GTi' 01, having re-gased it few weeks back, A/C worked beautifully.


    Up to last week, went on a short trip, on my way back I was getting warm air instead of cool, but then later on it worked no probs.
    On saturday, went for a long drive; on arrival to my destination, the cabin was so cool, but on the way back, again warm air only, that kept on for hours.

    What I noticed was that gas pipes were hot (not good I guess), and though the A/C blower was turning on every little while, the compressor relay's was coming on every 10seconds: engine shakes, nothing happens. Although, somehow it would switch back on but that only happened twice, and for a period of less than 5 seconds!

    Yesterday, I did some good 150km's, A/C was cool all way through!

    A friend reckons it's either over regassing or something to do with the relay contacts

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    I would have thought this was better suited to the Peugeot Forum, but we shall see how it goes here.

    Why was it regassed? Have you been in an accident?

    What settings are you using for the A/C? It's not a very happy camper unless you leave it on auto most of the time.


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    Well, having the climate always on, throughout winter, some hissing noise started appearing in sep

    Checked it at an electrician in oct to find that it need re-gas.
    Since then it worked just fine.

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    Either a dodgy in cabin sensor or the Bi-tron is on the way out I'd say at a guess.

    As an after thought, are you sure the outside (condensor) fans are operating correctly all the time? Reason I ask is that if they don't work for any reason, it can mean that it will operate when on a trip at a bit of speed but won't operate at low speeds in traffic etc. This could explain the hot pipes although the discharge side of the system is hot when it's operating correctly but if it's getting too hot due to lack of assistance from the fan it could mean that teh pressures are getting so high that the safety switch is stopping the compressor from clicking in.
    Incidentally if the Bi-tron relay fails completely I understand in most cases it simply allows the condensor fans to run full blast all the time.

    Alan S
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