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    Default Manual Trans Fluid

    I've been thinking of re-doing my manual Trans fluid... no huge justification, i'm just pedantic & would like to ensure that its got the best possible fluid & is in good nick. (from what i can gather the fluid should live for the life of the car, but who knows whats currently in there?)

    I love the Elf Excellium motor Oil, so i'm thinking of getting some Elf...

    Anyone know if of some good brands & product numbers?



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    Just go with whatever the maker says for the car. The reason I say this is that gear oil seems to be one of those things you really can't screw around too much with.
    There are a couple of guys on here who swear that synthetic in the gearboxes on their Mi16s has worked a treat yet most reckon the gears crunch and grind with it in and go back to a nice smooth operation when a straight 80 grade oil is put back in.
    If your car is a fairly late model, then chances are it will be on a syntheticand I would suggest you stick with it. Synthetic by & large is an expensive option but one that lasts a long time and I would expect that our mates at Onshore will give you a good price on it and seeing as most French cars are effectively designed and tested around it, I don't think you'll find anything that will make it any better than what that will deliver.
    I agree with your idea of doing routine changes of the gear oil as regardless of how good it is, bits of metal circulating around with it certainly don't do the mechanicals any favours.

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    TransElf TRX 80W is still used I believe by ren for boxes, they use Elf Renmatic D2 on autos.

    Anyway just get some 80W/90 box oil or use automatic box oil. Auto box oil is better in my experience.

    heres a link to a tech article on my forum which I did regarding this very procedure

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