Oddfire/evenfire confusion!
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    Default Oddfire/evenfire confusion!

    Right, Im not one to usually get puzzled, but something is confusing me..

    Basically I have a late R25 2.8 V6 (1990), it has the usual Renix Efi and distributor with equal spaced points, blah blah, as you would expect.

    I have the official MR Renault engine build manual, which gives the full detailed specs of each engine, ie it shows the old 2.7 Bosch K Jet and 2.8 Carb motors and lists the different cam timing per bank. It lists my engine as having identical timing per bank....all seems well...but later on in the book it talks about the cranks, that some can be reground as they are 'equidistant' and others cant as they are 'offset - which is even fire' The V6 turbos (25, GTA and 610 are even fire and come in this list, but the manual puts my engine, and the Laguna V6/Safrane V6 in the equidistant list, and later on shows these type as the 150 degree interval timing setup.

    Im sure this is even fire, otherwise how can the EFI work, and the cams be the same profile. Misprint? Someone please reassure me....


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    the motor you have sounds like an even fire

    if the points or the spacing in the dissy are equal then it is even fire as opposed to the 3 groups of 2 for the odd fire

    crank shafts in the even fires are 6 journal shafts and the odd fires are 3 journal

    i thought all even fires had the dissy mounted on the front of the LH head

    odd fires have the dissy mounted at the rear of the RH head and the RH cam has the gear to drive the dissy where as the even fire hasn't as it is driven off the front of the LH cam

    the last of the odd fires was around 85 maybe early 86 so by 90 they were definatley even fire lumps

    this is an even fire crankshaft
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    The even fires have had it on both front banks, and the rear just to confuse! The GTA has it on the front right, the A610 on the front left, and the Safrane Twin Turbo has it on the rear right!

    Im pretty sure it is an even fire though, just it is an official Renault manual

    You can download it here to have a look (its got all the port sizes, valve timing, loads of stuff...)

    See what you think...(1.4mb)


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    The 2.8 renault is even fire, it was produced from about 1988 onwards and used in series 2 R25s among others. Renault does not produce undersize bearings for this version but there may be other suitable ones.
    The earlier 2664 is odd fire and undersize bearings are available ex renault and others. This is the "equidistant" crank that the MOT. Z talks about, 3 crankpins at 120 degrees. BUT odd firing at the top end. Confused?

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