Help: 205 GTI Coil wiring
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    Default Help: 205 GTI Coil wiring

    The previous owner of my 205 GTI broke the plug that plugs the main wiring loom into the coil. As a result of this, they plugged each wire individually into the coil as I dont know wheather the sequence is right. For those of you who have a SERIES 3 205, would you be able to have a squiz at the sequence of the wires on your car and let me know.




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    There are 4 wires going to the coil, which connect to the -ve and +ve sides of the coil. There are 4 connections on the coil, 2 for each side.

    +ve side:
    pin 4 condensor
    pin 3 switched +12V (2A)

    -ve side:
    pin 2 wire from Bosch Ignition Module (3A)
    pin 1 tacho

    '92 205 Mi16
    '90 Mi16x4

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