205 k and n air filter?
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    Default 205 k and n air filter?

    i was thinking of putting a k and n high flow air filter on the 205.the round pyramid type.
    i dont like the idea though that it will be drawing heat off the motor.the old system takes it from the front grill of the car and the new filter will be just before the afm sitting nearly on top of dizzy.
    i have seen mods done where the air filter sits pretty much where the old one was using a metal plate as a sheild to stop hot air being dranw directlty from the manifold area.[good or bad mod?}and also the mod where its put in behind the headlight[mi16 tyupe of thing]
    i thought id ask for general opinions right from the street ricers up to the older more knowledable old pug brigade[dont be offended im being silly].
    list pros and cons please and whether its a waste of money or not,im not racing the car but every bit helps.i also dont care that to some it looks FULLY SICK ,im after general running and some performance benifits.
    has anyone done a cold air intake on their 205.could this be acheived by running a pipe from before the afm and bend it down so it picks up cold air from under the engine.or is it more complicated than that in actual practice.you can buy plastic concertina pipes to do this at auto shops.,thanks -BAZZ


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    The standard car has a cold air intake. I ran a K&N standard fitment filter in my modified GTI on the dyno, and then ran it with the bonnet open and the pipe removed from the intake side of the air flow meter, removing about 4 feet of pipe and turns and an air filter, and gained ONE WHOLE HP at the wheels. Mr Peugeot, I decided then was much smarter than the design looked.

    If you are looking at restriction, turf or fit a larger AFM. A larger butterfly is not the answer either.
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    Default Split k&N filter

    When i bought my 205gti i went to clean the K&N filter as part of it's first service. The k&n filter was the type that fits were the original pug one is. I found it to be split along the seam, so dirty air could flow into the engine! the split when the entire length of foam. I was not impressed with people at K&N! it was replaced with a pug foam one very quickly...

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