Help!! 306XT Muffler Size??
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    Icon4 Help!! 306XT Muffler Size??

    I have a 1995 306 XT 1.8L 74kw SOHC.
    I want to change to a sport muffler but I don't want to spend too much like buying expenive one - the performance. So I try to find one like Magnaflow or X-force. But I need someone expert to tell me what should I get.
    My current OE rear muffler is about 6"W X 5"H X 21"L and I think it is a 2" inlet.

    Is it good to go for
    8"W X 6"H X 16"L with 2" inlet , 2" outlet & 3" Tip
    8"W X 5"H X 16"L with 2.25" inlet, 2.25" outlet with a 3" tip
    8"W X 5"H X 14"L with 2.25" inlet, 2 X 2" outlet with a 2.5" or 3" tip.
    If none ofthem is good please suggest what I should go for!!

    Please leave you comment!!
    If anyone have very good exp. please sent me a e-mail at [email protected]

    1995 Peugeot 306 XT 1.8 MT

    JAMEX Lower Springs, Griffiths Eng. Quick Shift, K&N Element Replacement Filter, 2 1/4" Catback Custom Make Exhaust with 2 X 3" DTM Style Twin Pipes Outlet, BF g-force 185/65/14

    Sound System:
    Sony CDX-F5700, Hertz 4" Split, JBL 6" 2 Way, Alpine MPR-M200, SoundStream EGW-10 10" Sub

    BOSCH Silver Evolution bulbs, Aero Wipers, Momo SliverJet, RAZO Gear Knob, RAZO Carbon Paddle, Sparco Pro 2000

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    Jacky, let me start by saying you do honestly get what you pay for, 95% of the time. If you don't spend much, don't expect much...
    Anyway. If you want just a nice sound i did had a cheap 6 cylinder muffler out on my old 4 cylinder (your 306 is 4 cylinder) nissan, and it sounded great and looked like it wad a factory muffler, cheap and cheerfull. If its looks your after then shop around those car-mate or autobarn stores and buy what takes your fancy, the sound will be louder but a guess at best. There's not a shelf in australia holding a muffler that will actually make a difference on a car like your 306. Good luck - Chris
    ... ptui!

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