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Thread: EEPROM writer!?

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    Default EEPROM writer!?


    What do you think about a EEPROM writer to tune the engines instead of a programmable ECU?
    They are very cheap but make they sense?


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    do you understand low-level / assembly language. I have used EEPROM writers at university and they're simple to use. It is just the programming that you need to spend your time on.

    Just because you have an EEPROM writer and understand what you're writing -

    you are still limited by the number of available LUT cells.
    the same sensors are required but can be upgraded for more sensitive units.
    complex additions cannot be managed.

    however it is perfectly suitable to change injector durations to represent a change in componentry.

    unfortunately you're still going to need some sort of computer/automated system to gather required data. else you're going to be reprogramming the ECU at every map point.

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