im looking for the fellow with the 205 that posted a query about water getting in his boot.
in melbourne last night and the last couple of days we had extremly hard rain and today some hail.
i found that there was a little bit of water in the boot .i am installing a stop light on the back window and realised that water[tiny amounts]were welled up in the bottom rear behind light clusters.i have figured out that the rubber seals on the rear clusters have perished and this is where the water is getting in,im sure of this as there is no other openings.
this could be the reason for water getting in your boot also.
i must say if there was weather to test for leaks in your car this is it.
im glad i cleaned out the sun roof run off was blocked and i had been getting a slight dampness on the material on the inside of the electric sunroof on my 205.
i was worried it may lead to a leaking sun roof but if it was going to do it it would of last night and today its bone dry wwhhoo hooo,my wallet says thank you-BAZZ