no dash lights 505
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    Default no dash lights 505

    My 505 GTi S2 has no dash lights for speedo etc but the lights in the centre console are working and are dimming etc. Any ideas whats the matter ?


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    Start with the odvious,
    Remove the steering wheel and gently remove the cluster.
    Unplug and replug each of the connectors, ONE AT A TIME. Except the taco plug, (a possible breakage point here).
    Check for obvious previous dogie repairs, (Queen Mary, zippy ties and melted electrical tape). Chech that all the lights are not blown.

    I take it that the fuses have been checked???

    Gently replace the cluster. Old plastic shatters easily even when you are being careful. The cluster should slide into place easily ensureing that the speedo cable engages with the back of the unit. Avoid fowling the wires between the guide pins and the dash mounting.

    If this does not work check the wireing loom under the wheel/drivers kick plate. Note the dimmer switch and connectors, (SII esp).

    Next, take it to a professional auto electrican who understands Peugot and avoid complaining about the excessive cost of repair, because you messed with it first.

    First hand experence as a 1986 S2 505 GTi owner.
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