has anybody here used any of the MEGA POWER products.they have engine teratment ,oil treatment,injection treatment, engine and gearbox flush liquid additives.
now i dont usually go in for these type of things and i really dont want to start a debate on various brands used and results over other various brands used.
i am looking for someone who has actually used the engine flush and oil treatment they have.
i looked on the net and all the relevant things seemed impresive but you dont know how much is hype.
the guy at the exhaust service place was giving it big raves claiming it increases the viscosity of your oil by six times and will stand presure of up to 600 lb ft instead of normal oil standing 125 lb ft so will help in places of high pressure as in bearings and such.
he seemed to beleive this stuff himself and was not the owner of the place,just an employee.
they state-mp 10 oil treatment reduces friction,extends engine life,cleans engine gum and varnish,ends cold start damage.
mp 15-oil system cleaner for engines-removes internal sludge deposits,improves oil circulation,extends engine life due to less wear.
mp 95 engine treatment-seals scratches on cylinder walls and piston rings to revive your engines performance and prevents new scratches from developing.saves the loss of compression,horsepower and increasing oil consumption as your car ages.
its a $100 for a engine treatment ,they add a flush treatment and then after heating up the engine remove oil and it takes all the gunk with it .
then they fill it up with new oil with ther engine teratment stuff and it does its thing as you drive along .
now im not saying im gonna do it just interested as if the products did work i think they would be a good thing.
the company has a strict enviromental policy and are a research laboratory for engine teratments and have been doing buisness in the states for 15 years.
so has any one actually used this stuff and if so your comments please-BAZZ