i got new swaybar clamps today in from peugeot france thru reagans,took 4 weeks but i got em at last.
funny thing is though they have changed them to a new design .instead of forged alloy clamps that go over the rubber bush and bolts inserted in them that go thru the subframe up into them ,they now have a pressed metal clamp with bolts attached to them going down and lock nuts to secure.
at first you think 'thats a good idea ,it will stop the old bolt inserted type from stripping with age' until you go to refit them
.with the old type you just took the bolts out from underneath and took the clamps from on top of the rubber bush with a bit of a jiggle with a big screwdriver.and reverse for refit.
with the new type unless you drop the subframe ,you cant fit them over the bushes and slip them back into place like the old ones, cause the chassis is in the way.
lucky i had the use of a hoist to do it and a hydraulic engine jack or it would of been an even bigger hassle.
so now ive got new clamps my steering has all its tourque back. the problem was the old clamps had been helicoiled and they had stripped and kept coming loose,resulting in play in the sway bar and general steering slugishness .it took all the go-kart feel out leaving no 205 character
and cornering was loosing its appeal.
you cant have that cause thats why we buy these cars isnt it?-BAZZ