Cisac choke problems
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    Default Cisac choke problems

    My car has the Solex Cisac carb with manual choke. I have noticed lately that it doesnít respond to the choke control, not good with winter approaching rapidly here at 60 deg. N. No change in RPM whatsoever, no matter the choke position. So today I removed the air box and peeked inside. It turns out that with the engine not running, I can open and close the choke valve completely. But with the engine running, the valve refuses to close even if the dash choke control retracts like normal. It isnít supposed to behave like this, is it?

    Is it a vacuum thing? Or broken mechanical parts? Or-?


    Grateful for any advice you could offer.

    Erling, Norway.

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    Mmm.. I have no experience with the solex carb but sounds like something is not right. When the car is cold and just started is the choke closed? Anyone else?

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