Hi guys,

Well the 205 Mi16 is almost back on the road after a full engine rebuild. The only problem we're having at the moment is getting the Cam Timing set up correctly. The issue is that the car has adjustable cam verniers and therefore does not have the standard pulleys with the holes to align and set up the cams as per the normal procedure.

We therefore need to set it up based on actual cam timing ie Inlet open/close and Exhaust open/close. The motor is the DHW (cat) mi16 motor.

I found some specs I beleve posted by Peter T on the UK forum which are probably correct but when we set the car up as per these specs it would not idle or run correctly so just wanted to cross-check in case I had misinterpreted Peter's post.

The specs I have are:-

114-107 = 7 deg ATDC
114 + 107 = 221 deg ATDC
= 41 deg ABDC
41 deg BBDC
7 deg BTDC

Can anyone confirm that these are indeed correct and/or provide any other information that might help?


Regards to all