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    Default start up procedure

    im going to check out a couple of cars in the next few days and two of them have not been started for a while ,one not for over a year.
    apart from taking a fully charged spare battery with me and my tool kit what else would be usefull to take with me .i have a small amount of mechanical knowledge but feel reasonably confident on getting them started.they both have fuel in the tanks.
    one has new tyres but they are about half flat and have been like that for while,do tyres when flat get unfixable flat spots?
    if its a fuel injected motor is there any paticular procedure?
    thanks for your time-BAZZ


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    1. if the cars have been sitting for a while id be replacing tyres i have a 504 i am putting back on the road and although the tyres have tread i am still replacing them for safety reasons

    2. depending on the type of cars the fuel that is in the tanks is probably stuffed by now suggestion drain fuel and put fresh stuff in

    3. check the condition of the oil you dont want to suck 12 month old gungy oil through the system

    4. if the car is a fuel injection make sure its a good battery as you have no carby to give the fuel a kick start

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    Default starting from old

    Couple of suggestions.
    1.check water if present. If not dip oil and check condition.
    2. remove plugs and check condition ie rust ? water in chamber.
    3. wind over with big spanner to check ? seizure.

    4 if water and oil are good crank over without ignition to prime and circulate oil. This is done connecting jumper leads to starter direct.
    5. if ready and all things look OK turn on and hope for the best, smoke will indicate condition. If copious black will be oil in chamber:,observe time to clear.

    Hope this helps.

    Bon chance

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    Default Start up proceedure

    If you are seriously considering longevity of both these motors, oil and filter change and fresh fuel and filter are a must. An expense and a bother to be sure. However is potentially much cheaper than rebuilding the top end due to oil starvation, and the annoyance on not starting because of off fuel. A 5ltr tin on a metre of fuel line direct to the fuel pump with new fuel filter is an easy option to get car started. Suggest that turning he motor over without spark plugs to begin would assist fuel pickup for injected motor, give you the opportunity to do compression test also. Why not drain and top up the radia tor and block at the same time? You could see what comes from there too. Oh and your timing light and dare I say some aerostart, but I think this stuff is almost so dangerous as to overwhelm its usefulness. As to new tyres, most likely, but the old ones may do until you've got everything else sorted.

    cheers & goodluck edgedweller

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