185/75 14 light truck tyres on 504 ???
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    Default 185/75 14 light truck tyres on 504 ???

    Hi all,

    Dunlop make a Light Truck tyre called "Adventurer" that fits 504 wheel. They tell me due to the tread depth will be about 12 mm diameter bigger that car tyre (when new). I think this means not an issue with rego. I am looking for tougher tyre to use on dirt roads that wil take a bit more knocking around. Tyre has 8 ply sidewalls ? so imagine will be heavier tyre and also give a harder ride. Tyre has off road type tread but apparently copes well on highway.

    I am interested in any comments from the experts before I make final decision and part with my money? ($135 each) Any suggested alternatives although I think I have just about checked out the field pretty well?

    Peter J.


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    Default light truck tyres

    Hey Peter,

    I ran ltt's on a 404 wagon many years ago, mostly long distance over bitumen.
    down side noisy, tough to turn, speedo out, rough over bumps.
    up side great mileage from tyres, slightly better fuel economy, better ground clearance, they were good on dirt.
    When it came time to change tyres I went back to road tyres. All up it was too much effort on bitumen.
    Maybe try some retreads/ secondhand to start, see if they work for you, before the big outlay.
    Lower tyre pressures help on bitumen but lowered fuel economy.
    Naturally higher unsprung wieght puts more pressure on bearings/ bushes etc.
    so you would want to see that things were in hand there. Note 404 wagon is a much tougher car than a 504.

    good luck

    cheers edgedweller

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    Check out the Khumo brand - should be much cheaper - Michelin quality at Korean prices, either in LT or passenger configeration.

    Cheers ...... Nick

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