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    Default superchip 205

    i was talking to the guy i purchased my 205 gti from about a year ago on the phone yesterday.
    he tells me that the 205 i have has had a relacment chip[superchip i think]installed by the first owner of the car.he didnt mention anything when i purchased the car but said everytime we have talked he has forgotten to mention it and would remember after hanging up.
    most pug mechanics have commented that the car has alot quicker take off than most 205's its age and milage or should i say kilometerage[173,000 km]
    how would i find out if it does have one installed ?,not worried about it but just curious-BAZZ


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    yeah I've seen heaps of mention of this in the uk pug sites, or at least this one:

    (I think GlenUK belong to it?)

    Haven't heard much of it over here that's legit
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