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Thread: 205 rev light

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    Default 205 rev light

    the reversing light in the 205 is intermitent,i was poking around the gearbox the otherday when the car was up on the hoist but cant seem to locate the reverse light switch to see if there is a loose wire.[the fuse is ok]the haines only list a picture of a different gerabox.mine is the series 1 205 gti.
    i think its a be3 type gearbox.
    any hints would be nice-BAZZ


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    The switch is at the front/top of the gearbox. Just behind the clutch lever/under the Air Flow Meter. Terrible access. Need to remove plenty of stuff and/or use special/odd tools. When I replaced mine, the new one lasted less than 6 months. When checked with a multimeter, it had between 120 and 200 ohms when in reverse (should be close to 0 ohms). Strangely, some months later it came good and has worked ever since.

    I have improved my reversing light (which was pathetic) by fitting a 35W miniature dichroic halogen downlight (with front glass) to a bayonet bulb base. A dob of silastic stops it rattling against the bottom of the reversing light reflector. This was better, but not good enough so I scraped the red lines off the inside of the plastic lens and polished with wet and dry and car polish. Now it is very good (probably 4 or 5 times as much light).

    By the way, 35W is what a reversing light normally switches (2 x 18W on most cars).

    Rick Dathan
    1993 205GTI

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