Hi All - I'm new to the forum, I drive a 1994 Pug 205 1.8 diesel (non turbo) - And I live in the U.K.

So - here's my first question:-

My 1.8 diesel is developing an expensive sounding knocking noise, it still runs fine, but is sounding increasingly rough. Anyway - engine repair work is expensive, but a complete used engine is very cheap.


I've always been frustrated with the sluggish performance of the non-turbo diesel, and this knocking noise seems to be the ideal excuse to swap the 1.8 diesel for the 1.9 turbo diesel that I've always wanted.

I have a choice of several used 1.9TD engines - All in different cars (Citroen Xantia, Citroen BX, Pug 405 etc...). Are all these engines the same basic unit?

Has anybody tried this swap before, if so - what do i need to look out for?

Any advice gratefully received!

Tom W