hi ,posted this a couple a weeks ago but got no answer so here goes a second time,
i need to know how many turns lock to lock is the steering on the 1987 205 gti,
it says in a book i have about the car[not a manual]that it is 3,8 turns hard lock left to hard lock right but gives no further specifications on the year or series of 205 that these figures were derived from.
i rang peugeot in hawthorn but no one could find relevant info .
im having a rack rebuilt and they have stuffed it up no less than 4 times so i want the relevant data to aleviate this happening again.
by the way Aand B steering and transmissions ;who were very reputable, now longer reco steering racks so dont try them if you need a rack reco'd.
peugeot want $1050 thats one thousand and fifty dollars for a new 205 gti steering rack.which to answer some replys is why im not getting a new one,
all that said if i cant get it reco'd properly ill have to get a refund and save for a new one[OUCH]