Flywheels and LSD's
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    Default Flywheels and LSD's

    Two questions regarding these items:
    1: Would a lighter flywheel do anything to aid acceleration in a 306 seems the engine is kind of slow to rev up to about 3500rpm..then its ok, and the time it takes to spin down, l-o-n-g time OR would would changing the flywheel just make for a undriveable pig?

    2: Alot of people here talk about LSD's being beneficial, even in my low powered car you can imagine the benefits, The question is, are LSD's still effective in the wet? this really is the only time i have traction issues!


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    1. Your slow accel'n is a function of the weight, torque and gearing. A lighter flywheel does help in lower gears, but this shouldn't be your first area of attention. Diff and gearbox ratios should be addressed first.

    2. An LSD will certainly help in wet weather.

    Both of these issues could be addressed at the same time. Neither are likely to improve the resale value of your car but will improve driving pleasure enormously. I suggest you contact Adrian Wuillemin if you wish to persue it. He's the Sydney expert on gearboxes.

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