hi,im terry from england and this is my first thread as ive usually only read your threads and ive just joined today!!! ive been using your information and others to put my 1.9 mi16 engine into my 309 gti (91) and ive got everything working,everything except the spark! im getting power to the coil but thats it,im using a lead straight off the coil to see if its sparking,and to cancel out the dizzy cap,leads and rotor arm. the weird thing is i have a wire coming off of the coil 2a which diagrams off of your site tell me to connect to the ignition live yet my manual says it go's to ME4 which is an earthing point?? any ideas??? also,does this wire power my ecu aswell??? ive tried another coil and ignition amp but to no avail.sniff sniff!! ive also adjusted the tdc sensor so it is 1mm away from the flywheel (coz im using the 309 gearbox) i dont know what else to do? could anyone tell me where there 2a is connected to please?? this is the second wire in from the front of the car on the coil,and how to power the ecu if it isnt powered by 2a,thanks alot!!also,is the fuel pump supposed to keep turning if the engine isnt runnin? it go's off with the ingnition,but i never noticed if it just primed or kept runnin,again,cheers!!