'89 BX 16 valve instrument panel inaccurate
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    Default '89 BX 16 valve instrument panel inaccurate

    I've acquired a BX16 valve and have found that the water temp gauge moves up to about 5mm below the 60 degree mark when the ignition is turned on (engine cold). When driving the car, the gauge slowly reads higher until the temp is in the red. I've used a temperature probe and the alloy hosuing near the temp gauge sender is at normal operating temp (ie 80-90 or so).

    The oil temp gauge does a similar thing and moves slightly when the ignition is switched on - but appears to be accurate though.


    The really wierd one is the oil pressure gauge that reads higher when I switch on the headlights!!!

    Has anyone had similar problems? I'm thinking a grounding/volts problem but just in case, does anyone have or know what a secondhand instrument panel would cost? I've seen a 205gti panel which has the same Veglia gauges - I could fit the gauges to the BX panel which might be an option.

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    There are PCBs that can get a bit corroded according to the guys overseas, but before you start demolishing the dash, I'd suggest you take a look at the wiring and see if any is degraded internally and also check out the earths as the French aren't all that flash when it comes to wire gauges, insulation and earths.

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