Likely Timing Chain Job
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    Default Likely Timing Chain Job

    After a couple of weeks with worsening missing and backfiring under load (and re-tuning to no lasting effect), I think the timing chain has stretched too far to be useful, with the odometer showing 150,000 km. However, there may be more to it than that. I was suddenly sensing that the starter motor was under far less load than usual.

    I've towed the Fuego back home and got the air cleaner and rocker cover off. There is plenty of fuel and spark, and the rockers are all moving. I do remember that lately there was far too much air "puffing" out through the oil filler hole when it did run.


    Tomorrow I'll do a compression test at each spark plug hole and I might find what might amount to some damage at the valves, or worse still, a warped head, but I really am guessing.

    Please be forthcoming with your comments: I prefer lots of "telling you so"s rather than "told you so"s, so bring on the advice, gurus.
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    Was it smoking more than it should before it packed up? It sounds like it could be a holed piston or broken compression ring.

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