Hey Guys,


I am trying to come up with a design for an engine monitoring system compatible with most cars, but first I am trying going to test it on mine. The plan is to take temps (air, water and oil), fuel mix ratios, speed (trip computer sort of thing), rpm and anything else that might be of use. Firstly should i bother, is there something out there already that i can plug my laptop in to take readings when i go for a spin. And secondly should i not bother. This is intended for a final year electrical engineering design project, which i can hopefully pull off. Plans are to have a LCD display (backlit or not i dont know atm) with leds for revs, afm etc. I need it to log a whole heap of data then send it via serial to a laptop. I think i can handle all of the electronics. All i need is a ggod set of look up tables. So if anyone can help me on that it would be greatly appreicated, or any advice etc

'91 Mi16