So you can get another 20 Horses doing the filter hey?
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    Icon8 So you can get another 20 Horses doing the filter hey?

    See what these guys have to say about it; hope it don't break yer 'art....


    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    The educated thought seems to be that it is generally a waste of time changing filters, and I certainly agree.
    I found no difference really in 206, 405, 306 (1.8 and GTi6) which I have personally fitted fancy air filters as an experiment.
    However i found significant difference in 205 GTi and Alfa 156 with fitment of 'induction kits. However in both cases cars became MUCH noisier, and this is one of the reasons cars have these elaborate filters in the first place.
    In the 205 a straight through type filter cuts probably 1.5 metres of the induction pathway and also about 300 degrees of bends away. It responded better in mine and probably gave it a bit better power at all speeds. A bit. Certainly the air going in the engine was cooler, as the components of the air filter system didnt heat up for a start, cos they weren't there.
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    But i was given a demo by a guy in the local Auto-Pro shop!
    this little perspex contraption, sucked air in through filter & made the little ping pong ball rise... when he put the stock in, ball was low, with the after market one... STRAIGHT to the TOP!!! (*WOW*), even when he covered 1/2 the filter, STRAIGHT to the TOP!!!
    *Sarcasm by the way, tisk tisk!*

    So i said yeah, but if its just a coarser filter it'll do the same & my engine will be screwed quick smart... he mentioned something about static electricity & cleaning out particles, insted of mechanical filtration... hmmmm dubious...

    But the one thing i can see is a decrease in costs... instead of paying $120 for a stock replacement filter, you can just clean it for $10!

    Just the concerns about particle size filtration... specs anyone?

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    ---> DONT <--- use a washable oilable super dooper aftermarket filter on a car with an AFM and throttle body hybrid my ford windsor didnt like it. Genuine new AFM $1250, or $700 for another aftermarket product that'll probably cause my gasket to blow next or some sh!t.

    PS i sold the car with a dodgy AFM - hehe man that thing leaned out and sure got hot that summer

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    Sure fire way to ad 20GG's .. put an AF sticker on your car, put 2 to be sure for the polarising effect.

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