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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi 03
    Depends how hard you are trying. They roll like a ship at sea, and love to cock the inside rear on the tight bits. On the limit my 404 cabriolet was an evil dog. And yes, it had new strut inserts at the front and new shoks at the rear.

    Actually, compared with 203 handling, a standard 404 is a piece of crap.

    On the limit, my standard 73 model 404 gave the most predictable handling I have ever encountered. You could tell when it was about to break away and when it did it gave by far the most controllable and balanced 4 wheel drifts.

    The exception to this is when I had a 13" steering wheel on it. This made it twitchy as hell on the freeway and really easy to overcorrect in a slide and end up fishtailing. With the standard 16.5" wheel, though, it was all very progressive.


    That car had Peugeot front shocks, Koni rears and Michelin XZX tyres. With Falken 195/60 tyres, it had alot more grip but was vague on centre with less predictable handling.

    Tyres and tyre pressures make a big difference. Michelin XZX tyres don't have great grip by today's standards and make a hell of a noise when worked hard, but they give excellent feel and are very progressive.

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