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    Default Hankook Tyres

    Before anyone jumps up and down about a new tyre thread...yes i have read previous threads, but wanted more specific info.

    My RCS is due for a new set shortly, and i have all but decided on the Yoko AVS ES100, but will still consider others. I saw a set of Hankook Ventus Sport K104 on a GTR, looked the goods, but not familiar with the rubber.



    Can anyone comment on this rubber or the Hankook brand in general?

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    I certainly don't mind another tyre thread

    Hankooks rated middle of the road in the last Wheels test. I can't remember which Ventus it was though, if it was the K104... I haven't heard of any other first hand reports on these tyres. My guess would be that it be a lower performer than the AVS, though.

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    I've recently fitted a set of the Hankook K104's (225/50 R16 - their Y rated tyre) to my Subaru SVX. This was done on the back of reports from Motor magazine roughly six months ago where they raved about them.

    I can confirm that they are a very nice tyre. However, what works well on an SVX may not necessarily work well on a hot hatch. Having said that, when I finish scrubbing out the P7000's on the 180, at this point, my replacement choice would be a set of these.

    They are nicely balanced with good feel and are fairly progressive towards the limit. My only gripes being their higher than average noise (the SVX is fairly quiet compared to the 180 so I may not notice it as much as in the Pug, & also the tread pattern is fairly aggressive) and they have a tendency to squeal a little when sliding. I've tried different pressures but it doesn't seem to help much.

    Anyway, have a go with them. Like Motor mag said, the real clincher for these babies is the price. For the performance category they reside in, they are significantly cheaper than other tyres in it.

    My two cents: Highly recommended!

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    The Hankooks are very good and for the price ...wow!! The AVS are said to be realy good too with quick wear tho.
    Dont overlook Kumho's IMO the better of the 2 by a smidgen...good price too !! Ecsta's i think they are.
    cheers jr

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    Not sure off the price of the hancooks but if where considering avs100, why not try the yoki a539 i just swapped to these after having avs100 and really cant tell the difference between them, and they are about $30 a tyre cheaper, and apparently ment to last up to 30% longer than avs100.

    Im sure time will tell.

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