Correct Suppression Lead Resistance.
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    Default Correct Suppression Lead Resistance.

    Does anybody know what the correct value in ohms is for 8mm suppression leads is?? I did find out and write it down but where I wrote it??? .
    2 leads were almost double the resistance of the other 2,(6.78 compared to 11+ on 20,000ohm scale) and the spare ones I have vary mostly between these 2 values also, which makes me think that there are either 2 different ranges or that half my leads are stuffed!!!
    I have managed to get 4 which were within 6.5 to 7 and one the main coil lead was OK.


    Thanks, Chris

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    As a general rule you should see less than 5000 ohm per foot of lead. The ignition lead should also then be moved around during testing, and there should not be any fluctuation in the reading.
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