how to fix plastic bumper?
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    Default how to fix plastic bumper?

    Any clues on what sort of glue to use to repair 306 plastic bumpers ?


    What sort of plastic is it?

    Regards Alpine

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    Hi, probably best to consult a specialist. There was an article in CAR MECHANICS on the subject. If it is a dent, i've repaired them with a heat gun on Nissan. On the R19 i had to replace the bumper bar, too many splinters missing.
    Talking to a specialict i learnt that many other makes (local and rice) have fragile brakets. Once they are broken not much can be done to fix them in too many cases.

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    Default How do i fix my plastic bbar

    Most plastic bar covers are able to be fibre glassed and bogged. So long as the damage is not to severe. You may have to find out if you need an additive to the paint. Especially if the bar cover was designed to deform and pop back into shape slightly. sometimes if the car has a love tap in it, It general will disappear when the reo is straightened and any mild rippling can be bogged.


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