BX Circuit Racers- More pressure??

Any real keen citroen Circuit racer would have (if they push hard enough) witnessed pressure loss whilst racing or hillclimbing within tight twisty constant tracks. Even in a road going BX this can be evident due to the fact that at these extreme conditions of contant suspension travel, braking, steering etc the accumulator cannot keep ,store and replenish the necessary hydraulic pressure to the system at all times (ie: pressure fade) and happens more so when the LHM is very hot!!!


A simple solution that I have used for many years now is by replacing the standard accumulator with a 700cc CX sphere!!!
This can be done easily by removing the valving from the bottom of the sphere and Hey-presto!!! you have a MAXI accumlator that can hold one third more volume than a standard accumulator which stops any signs of pressure fade.

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Tim Tech