ds pump not cutting out
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Thread: ds pump not cutting out

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    Default ds pump not cutting out

    a mates DS hydrulic pump runs continuously does not cycle intermittently like it should

    car takes ages to rise
    plenty of green fluid , no leaks anywhere ?

    does it have air in the system and need bleeding ?


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    Could be sucking some air in through cracks/splits in the pipe coming from the reservoir. Could also have a cracked housing in the pump so pumping effectiveness is reduced. Best thing to do is to try a known good pump in its place.

    You might get more suggestions in the Citroen Forum.

    Cheers, Ken

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    Sounds like the main accumulator sphere is dead. If the diaphragm has ruptured then the pump has to fill the sphere before pressure will rise in the rest of the system causing a delay in the suspension lifting. Depressurise then whole system, remove the accumulator and shake it near your ear. If you can hear fluid sloshing around inside then it’s failed. Also worth having it pressure tested while it’s off as it may just need regassing.
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