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    Icon5 BX Sway Bar Links

    Bx Sway Bar Links:
    A very common sourse of front suspension noise on BX's is the steel sway bar links on either side of the swaybar. the bushes inside wear and cause noises of light bumps and un-even road surfaces.
    There are a few different ways to solve this problem:


    Replacing the links is the easiest wat to solve the problem for good. the links can ge easily purchased from Citroen part importers and is quite simple to fit. The price of the new links is around $58 dollars each from memory and make a huge improvement to those front-end noises

    As a temporary fix these links can also be repaired quite easily. Remove the link from the car and place in bench vice. Remove the rubber boot and move out of the way. With a small sized ball pein hammer hit the bottom endge of the steel ball link. What you are trying to do is to re-form the balls edge which has been worn down and make it tight in the socket once more. You will feel it get tighter and tighter in the socket as you progress.
    Simple task and is very effective when funds are low! This can also be performed on Xantia nad XM links

    Any local Pedders Suspension outlet can re-condition the links. Usualy it takes only a few hours and costs around $85 dollars for the set. This has proven to be quite a decent repair with no further problems!!

    Tim Tech

    P.S: It is an idea to lube the links to prevent wear. remove the rubber boots on the ushes and insert grease to bush

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    if they are a rubber bush then you are better off using brake fluid on them to preserve them instead of grease

    unless of course you use a rubber grease but even that is still not as good as brake fluid to use on bushes

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    I've got a similar fix in the "Archives" that I wrote up years ago that has been used successfully all over the World.
    The only caveat to this is that firstly the drop links have to be checked for wear and if worn, then replaced.
    Most of the noise eminating from the ball joints on the drop links we've found is caused due to them being almost seized and as a result they make a cracking noise as they attempt to move.
    The smack with the ball pein at the rear of the ball usually loosens them up enough to tightly move them and then it's adviseable to remove the dust cover and pump a bit of grease down the side of them and work it into the ball receptacle.
    The entire job takes about 20 minutes a side and it's adviseable to renew the self locking nuts on reassembly as a safety precaution.


    Alan S
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    Icon10 Reply

    Im sure it is Alan S, sure it is

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