Intermittent no throttle
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Thread: Intermittent no throttle

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    Default Intermittent no throttle

    205 GTI. 1991 Phase 2 motronic. Anyone had a problem with momentary loss of throttle when you're off the gas, say turning into a junction, then when you put your foot back down there's nothing for a couple of seconds before it jolts back to life? Only does it intermittently.


    Throttle position sensor on the way out maybe? AFM?

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    The throttle position sensor can be tested with a multimeter. Basically a microswitch is operated when the throttle is closed. If over 1500rpm? in this position (idle) the injectors will be shut off, like when going down a mountain range. Another switch is operated when approximately at 3/4 throttle. The sensor can be adjusted a little so that the idle switch doesn't work, usually making driving in traffic in first gear a little smoother. Given the age there is certainly a chance of your sensor getting tired.

    I would think your AFM would show itself as a problem more often if it were compromised. You could check the AFM tracks under the square top cover for continuity. The pickups can wear reducing their "tramp" on the track introducing more resistance.
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