206 GTI 138hp
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Thread: 206 GTI 138hp

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    Default 206 GTI 138hp

    I have a 2002 GTI 138hp that I am currently getting ready for a road worthy and I was thinking because I have an exhaust manifold,
    Cat and intermediate pipe and injectors for a GTI 180 is it worth fitting them to this engine or will it just massively over fuel. It is the early injection system MM4.8P with cable operated throttle body which I believe has a 55mm butterfly but I could be wrong if I donít increase the amount of air going in itís probably pointless fitting the other parts to gain power so I was wondering has anyone played around with trying to fit a bigger aftermarket throttle body or I could fit a 180 manifold and modify the throttle so it is cable operated. Itís just an idea at the moment but I thought I would post it on here to get some feedback and your thoughts would be appreciated.


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    It needs more cam timing, not air or exhaust flow.
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    I've read that the 180 exhaust manifold interferes with the 138's lever-based gear shift mechanism (the 180 uses cables, not rods).


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