mystery water leak XUD 7 Diesel
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Thread: mystery water leak XUD 7 Diesel

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    Default mystery water leak XUD 7 Diesel

    Hello people
    You were kind enough to help me a few months ago with some probs but now ive got another.
    Basically there is a water leak somewhere at the back of the XUD7 Diesel block, its a small drip off the right rear corner of the oil sump lip, ie the crank pulley end .
    Earlier this year i dropped the rad and flushed it till it was clean and removed the steel cold return tube at the flywheel end in the wheel arch , cleaned it as well and the rad top and bottom hoses too . However did not remove the return hose at the back of the block from the steel tube as its a pain to get to . Poured litres of water down the heater pipes both ways and the water came out the block dirty brown so continued till clear. Reassembled the lot and refilled with rain water , took tubes apart and flushed again and rad too. Then refilled with rain water yet again . System performed flawlessly for well over 1000km Not one leak !, i even installed a brand new interior heater matrix and it worked perfect.
    Then, the weather became a bit colder ( autumn ) so decided to dump water and refill with anti freeze for -18 Deg C. Brilliant , gave it a blast down the road , perfect , no leaks .
    Then , went to town in cold weather , had heater on and warm as toast , until the air vent blew out cold air , Oh Shite i thought i know what this means , Got to a parking lot quick and shut off engine ( fans were going full on ) and underneath there was a puddle beginning to form , drip drip drip . Let the engine cool down and misses bought 10 litres of water from supermarket and refilled , every few hundred metres i stopped and checked the header level and it was going down but now i had interior heat so level is up and circulating . Finally used about 5 litres getting home , nursing it all the way . SO
    What have i missed out on and whats there at the back of engine thats a probable cause .
    Any ideas appreciated , looks like back on the ramps again next week in finer weather.



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    JUst thought i would let you know , the leak was from the water pump housing , almost invisible but leaking .
    New pump , belt and tensioner , job done
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