Just a quick write up without any photos that on one of our C5s it would play CDs but not eject them without removing the stereo from the dash...a little inconvenient.
Onto utube and a fellow spends time pulling the stupid thing apart....I have no time for looking for little spings and screws.
So onto Aliexpress and what do you know $25 gets you a replacement CD drive for a Clarion CD drive for Pug/Cit to suit RD3. Woohoo buy now and 7 days later arrived fully bubble wrapped packaging outside and internally.

Bingo 1/2hr disassembly and reassembling now working 100%.


If anyone is interested I'm going to buy another for the other C5 which plays discs but skips a lot. So can order additional and install if need be.

Cheers Dimi