Cutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).
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Thread: Cutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).

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    Default Cutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).

    A new trick learnt for an old dog.
    Installing a cargo barrier in the Territory today, required brackets installed above headlining, and cutting a 19mm dia hole where the attaching screw will be fitted (2 locations). Being of a fabric/foam/fibreboard construction, I guess the chance of stuffing up is fairly high, so the instructions gave a couple of good tips on getting it done safely.
    Firstly, the trick to marking the location was a short 10mm thread with a pointed end (supplied), which temporarily screws into the bracket, headlining positioned, then pressing around the area finds the point, and a bit of pressure confirms the position of the required hole. I then put some masking tape over that position to mark the location with a felt pen. After removing temporary pin point, I then used a thin centre punch through the mark which again located the "nut" and opened up to approx 6mm dia.
    The main tip was to modify a 19mm holesaw by grinding off the teeth and grinding a chamfer down to a knife edge. Replace the centre drill with a piece of 6.3mm steel rod (I am guilty of destroying an old screwdriver to get that bit) with a small chamfer, to guide the saw without enlarging the guide hole.
    Heart in my mouth as I drilled into a new car's headlining, but it worked a treat.

    Main picture shows the modified holesaw, the centre pin marking screw, and the two neat offcuts after a few seconds drilling. One pic with masking tape, and one the finished hole.


    Anyway, a pretty neat trick which may come in handy for future jobs.

    Cutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).-img_20180923_180534408_small.jpgCutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).-img_20180923_180402368_small.jpgCutting a neat hole in headlining (or any soft material).-img_20180923_180747647_small.jpg

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    Very neat. Thanks for that!


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    Thanks for sharing, cheers.

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