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Thread: Electric trailer brakes

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    I'll say one thing: the stated ratings are lies.

    IMO the only inverter generator worth purchasing is Honda. (at a price)

    The so called 2 kva Baumer AG wouldn't even successfully power a Hilti (500w) rotary hammer drill. When we purchased one.


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    The cheap ass generator I have here powered an 800 watt toaster ok, so for the price I think that is fine.

    I bought for the odd occasional power outage that we have here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robmac View Post
    CAV 91 could power it with 3 hp generic Chinese engine and 100 amp alternator.

    Personally I'd go for 9 kg gas bottle and generic radiant heater.

    Probably about the same bulk and weight as a battery & inverter combination and you can cook toast on the radiant heater.

    The gas bottle will last for ages and top ups are available at most servos.
    You can't heat a caravan with an unflued heater. People die from carbon monoxide poisoning doing this. Outside is fine though ( but really .... a camp fire is best!!! ).

    diesel heaters are cheap these days on ebay (pinacle wholesalers in ballarat). But your still talking big $$$ as "cheap" is relative.

    fans heaters .... they are best .... just get one with a thermostat so your don't overheat

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    Brake controller arived today (finally). Tomorrow night I'll install it and teach myself how to use it. Then we're taking my 20 year old 420 thousand km old Peugeot that needs a clutch out to see the world. What could go wrong?

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    All wired and fitted. Bit of pain drilling holes upside down without enough space to fit the drill!
    Even fit next to my volt meter.Electric trailer brakes-1530279170727.jpg
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