My intro, background has been bmc, have 4 minis (its a bug:-/) & while ive long been aware of peugeot reputations, havent really experienced them till this year when I took a few for test drives. im sold on them...I especially love the 306 & 406 diesels...well built cars & the engines are something else.

How 306hdi has a wee bug...on starting, its cranks over about one turn, fires as normal & immediately shuts down...seemed to be a fueling problem so checked the lift pump, & had an intermittent dead spot... stripped it down (its a non-servicable part but I dismantled it anyway) to find the commutator worn right out...rebuilt the commutator blocks, all good it pumps as it should. Fault persisted, it I riggled the loom to the injector pump regulator...and it ran...great, I thought...drove for a couple of days & fault a continuity test on the regulator (2.4ohms) & the loom (13v & 3.6v). have run a diagnostics test which returns trouble codes.
1.P030 additional heating circuit short circuit to positive
2.P0230 fuel low presdure supply, short circuit to positive
3.P1138 fuel pressure regulation fault, short circuit to positive.


Other was to do with clutch swtich :-?

You'd have to argue the regulator relay has died...can anyone tell me what resistance it should return...before I fork out for a new one (&find it was the loom!)

The other troubling code when it does the couph start thing...the scanner says 0-rpm...could it be the crank angle sensor(crank speed sensor in peugeot talk!)...the ecu not detecting any engine rpm and shutting fuel off??...

Thoughts please.

injector gets 298bar pressure on the its gwtting fuel...& its pumping!